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Tailor-made trips for everyone

At what age can you start a bike trip?

Above all, the minimum age is linked to the equipment chosen for the child: a baby seat (15 to 20 kg maximum), a child trailer (up to 40 kg), a follower bike for children from 5 to 7 years old, a child bike for older children... We will be able to adapt your tour to the characteristics of your family with cycle paths, very quiet roads, shorter stages, fun activities, etc. These various equipments can be rented but are often only available in limited quantities. It is therefore preferable to allow for this factor when booking of your customized bicycle trip.

Who are the typical clients for the tailor-made bike trips offered by Evasion à vélo?

Our custom bike trips are for everyone! Whether you want to travel as a couple, with friends, family or in a group, we will build the stay that suits you together, whatever your age and sporting ability.

I am interested in a tailor-made bike holiday but I don't have a clear idea of what I'm looking for, is that a problem?

Don't panic! It is not necessary to have a precise idea of your next cycling holiday. We are here to guide you in the creation of your trip and, to do that, we will ask you the right questions during a simple telephone conversation. If you would like to have an idea of what is possible, you can take a look at  the examples of bike tours in the Drôme Provençale, Lubéron/Alpilles/Camargue, The Cathar country, Périgord and the Lot, Bordeaux and its surroundings, the Charentes and the Marais Poitevin, or the surroundings of Paris and Sicily.

I am not particularly athletic; would a bike trip suit me?

Whatever your sporting abilities, Evasion à vélo will build a customized trip by adapting the duration and level of difficulty of the stages with you. Each region may have more or less hilly roads depending on its relief. You will have the possibility of creating a route with manageable gradients, or of renting an electric bike.


What is the procedure to follow to create my tailor-made trip?

It's very simple and fast! You will find all the steps to create your custom bike trip by visiting the Create your Customized bike trip page.

We are several friends that wish to go together, how do you organize the telephone meeting?

On the day and at the time you have chosen on the schedule, we will call you simultaneously via the WhatsApp application (possible up to 3 people therefore different places), or if necessary via Facebook Messenger which has no limit of participants.

Can I modify or cancel an activity booked by Evasion à Vélo during the trip?

You will find all the details in our general terms and conditions of sale.

What about insurance?

You will find all the details in our general terms and conditions of sale.

What are the conditions for modification, cancellation, postponement, transfer and booking?

You will find all the details in our general terms and conditions of sale.

What is included in my stay?

You will receive an estimate by e-mail that itemizes everything that is included in the price of the bike trip that we have built together during our telephone exchange: what accommodation, activities, meals, etc.

What information will I receive to prepare for my bike trip and guide me throughout?

Before your trip, you will receive by mail and e-mail:

  • The description of the agreed bike route with several additional supports: highlighted map, use of a very simple application on your smartphone 
  • A roadmap that gives you all the necessary details.

Does Evasion à Vélo take care of booking all the activities included in the trip (visits, sports and discovery activities)?

We take care of booking the activities/visits that need to be booked in advance: visits to a wine estate, sports activities/wellness/discovery... For "classic" and unplanned tourist visits (historical monuments, caves...), you will be autonomous. In addition, following our telephone exchange, you will receive an estimate by e-mail specifying which activities are included in the price of the bicycle trip.

Can I offer a stay as a gift?

We have not yet set up a gift certificate system as such. Nevertheless, you can contact us by e-mail and make a transfer that we will deduct from the amount of the bicycle trip of the people receiving your gift.

How can I pay?

To facilitate the payment of your trip by bike, we have set up a fully secure online credit card payment service. If you do not have a credit card, you may pay by bank transfer.

Types of tours

What are the different types of bike routes you offer?

Depending on your pace and your wishes, we offer you different types of routes:

  • Looped bike tour: you change accommodation every day and return to the starting point on the last day.
  • Semi-marguerite bike tour: you change accommodation every 2 or 3 days and return to the starting point on the last day.
  • Marguerite bike tour: you stay in one place only.
  • Online itinerant bike tour: you do not return to the starting point by bike but by taxi, train....

How difficult are the routes? Are they accessible?

  • Easy: you drive on easy roads with potentially a few easy climbs; the daily length of the stages remains limited: 30-40 km
  • Moderate: you ride about 50 km per day on terrain that can be hilly and the cumulative daily difference in altitude is about 500 m.  
  • Sporty: the climbs can be quite long and the daily pace more sustained stages of 60-80 km and cumulative daily difference in altitude of up to 1000 m

This gives you a general idea but your trip is tailor-made: it will therefore be adapted to your abilities and desires (for example: a day for another activity, a day with few km because of cultural visits...).

Lastly, if you choose an electric bike, the assistance you will receive will allow you to reassess your potential abilities.

Can I mix several themes in my bike trip?

During our telephone conversation, we co-build the bike trip that suits you, according to your tastes and wishes. You will be able to gear your stay to the theme (s) of your choice: historical heritage, gastronomy, viticulture, arts and crafts, family activities.


What is half board?

Half board is the hotel rate, which includes overnight stay, breakfast and one of the two main meals, always dinner for our trips.

What is a guesthouse?

B&B rooms are furnished rooms in private homes in order to accommodate tourists, for a fee, for one or more nights, with services (Article L 324-3 of the Tourism Code). That is the official definition.

These are most often hosted by people who love their region, are truly welcoming and wish to share good moments with you (around their table d'hôtes for example). They are also homes which have character and charm, providing a good level of comfort and sometimes luxury.

What types and categories of accommodation are available on bike tours?

During our telephone conversation, we establish what you want together in terms of type and category of accommodation: charming hotels or guesthouses, level of services (from good comfort to luxury), specific facilities (swimming pool for example). You may also choose an exceptional place (castle...), for one night or more.


What to do in case of dietary restrictions (allergies, special diets...)?

If you have dietary restrictions such as allergies to certain foods, special diets (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.), you will only have to inform us during our telephone conversation. Thus, when meals are planned and included in advance (table d'hôtes for example), we will inform the restaurant owner.

What is a table d'hôtes?

When you stay in a guesthouse, it may also offer a table d'hôtes. This means that your host offers, in addition to the accommodation, to serve you a traditional meal in a family dining room. It is a single menu based on regional products (unless there are food restrictions).

What meals are included during my bike trip?

All breakfasts are included with the accommodation. For other meals, if you choose table d'hôtes (where possible), this service will be booked in advance and included in the final price. If you prefer restaurants, you can dine at the hotel with half board or choose to go to the city or town. At lunchtime, you are free in your choices (picnic, restaurant, picnic basket sometimes offered by the host...). Following our telephone exchange, you will receive an estimate specifying which meals are included in the price of the bicycle trip by e-mail.


How do I charge the battery of my electric bicycle during the day?

If you stop for lunch in a restaurant, café, ... you can easily recharge your battery at a power socket and thus gain 10/15 km of autonomy.

Is it possible to switch from a conventional bike to an electric bike during your stay, or vice versa?

This is only possible if you do a "marguerite" tour and stay at the same accommodation throughout your stay.

What if my rental bike has mechanical problems?

Rental bicycles are hybrid bikes, or more rarely road bicycles, very robust and regularly serviced by the rental company.

We give you a list of the few daily checks to be carried out to keep the bike in perfect condition. However, mechanical problems can occur. You must therefore know how to do the easy repairs yourself: put a chain back in place and repair a flat tyre, for example. We attach technical data sheets with videos to the logbook reminding you, step by step, of how to do these simple repairs.

In case of breakage or major mechanical problem, the rental company will intervene.

Do you offer additional accessories for bicycles?

The rented bicycles are equipped with saddlebags, a repair kit, a pump, an anti-theft device and a helmet for you.

For children, the different types of transport (seat, follower bike, trailer) are available but need to be booked as quickly as possible.

What types of bicycles are available? Do you have electric bicycles? Bicycles for children?

We work in partnership with bike rental companies. They have a wide choice of equipment to meet your needs and those of your family and/or friends. During our telephone conversation, you specify the type of equipment you want: road bike, hybrid bike, electrically assisted bike, child bike, seat or other equipment for children.

When confirming your trip, we will ask you for your size so that your bike fits you perfectly.

Where and when are the rental bicycles delivered/returned?

Depending on your place of arrival and departure, the bicycles will either be given/returned to your accommodation spot or directly to the bike rental company.

Can I ride my own bike?

Of course! If you have your own bike and you want to use it on your trip rather than rent one, just let us know when we talk on the phone.

How my trip could go

Can I benefit from an assistance vehicle during my bicycle trip?

Yes, you can:

  • have an assistance vehicle: a driver with a vehicle intervenes at your request, transports your luggage, your purchases (wine, crafts, etc.), organizes the lunch (picnic or restaurant), etc. : a concierge service in itself! You can opt for this service during our telephone conversation.
  • order a vehicle at your request and expense that picks you up for a partial or total transfer of the day's bike trip. This is a request that is made depending on the circumstances during your trip.

How can I contact you during the stay?

The Evasion by bike offices are reachable (+33 1 46 21 55 62) in case of emergency during your stay.

Am I totally autonomous in the circuits?

Together we have built your tailor-made tour. All bookings (accommodation, activities, luggage transport, etc.) are made and recorded in the travel book. You remain of course independent and free in your choice of visits, your pace... during the tour but this does not mean that you are alone and without help in the event of problems.

Is my luggage transported day after day?

If you wish it, partners (taxis...) transport your luggage between your accommodations. They have your phone number and transport is carried out between 10am and 4pm.  Their phone number will also be added in your logbook.

What is the average duration of a daily stage?

There is no such thing as a "typical" average duration of a daily cycling trip. This is the whole point of customizing your circuit. By building your custom bike trip with Evasion à vélo, you can adapt the duration of the stages according to your abilities and desires. During our telephone conversation, we will guide you to find the most suitable pace. In addition, we will offer you variants as often as possible allowing you to shorten or extend the stage according to your desire to detour to a place or make a visit, your form on the day or the weather.

Can my bike trip be guided?

Yes, you have the possibility of having a guide who will accompany you on all or part of the bike tour. All you have to do is let us know during our telephone conversation and we will include this service in your trip.

Depending on my fitness level today, can I adapt the route by bike?

During your bike trip, you may feel more or less fit. When building your route, as far as possible, we offer you an easier and/or shorter variant. If you wish, you can also use a taxi to reach the next stage (a list will be given to you; this service is not covered by Evasion à Vélo).

Does my bike trip adapt to very bad weather conditions?

Any region can be affected by more or less unfavourable weather conditions: cold, rain, fog, heat, etc. When cycling, they can be a simple constraint or a real danger. Depending on the situation, you can shorten the stage or to use a taxi (from the list provided by Evasion à vélo, at your expense).

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